About Us

Our company was founded in 2005 with the intention of maintaining a family oriented continuity with our customers. Our background for over 20 years has been one of small business providing personal and meticulous attention to detail. Our expertise begins with a lifetime of home ownership, plants, plant stands, accents, home decorating, and a secret garden likened to pictures in magazines and TV. In addition, my wife is an expert professional seamstress and home decorator, integrating a wide variety of plants in our homes and offices. Together out business interests and love of nature can and will be the best we can be for you.

We initiated this business with the intention of specializing in home accents, which is our forte. However as time passed, we found that our customer interest leaned toward plant stands and plants over other products. It was then that we found our niche and are now specializing in Preserved Plants along with plant stands, which with natural preservation will last for a very long time. A product that we take personal pride in and can share knowledge and a personal interchange of encouragement.

Pamper Your Home can provide you with a little something that can make your home or office something special for years to come.

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