FAQ's about Plants

Plant Preservation: All plants are naturally preserved using a simple glycerin solution utilizing controlled heat and humidity rooms. The glycerin used is a natural food grade and is totally safe for humans and pets.

During the preservation process the controlled heat and humidity dehydrates the plants and flowers. The glycerin solution helps to rehydrate and solidify the plant to preserve it for all time.

The FDA approved food grade dyes are added to enhance the plants natural colors.

Is there any maintenance? 

  • DO NOT water your plants
  • DO NOT put your plants in direct sunlight
  • NOT recommended to put your plant outdoors for it may reduce its lifespan, might make it vulnerable to insects, attractive to deer or jealous neighbors
  • DO occasionally dust your plants with light feather duster
  • DO put your plants in a prominent part of your home and/or office
  • DO show them off to your visitors

What's there lifespan? 

  • Junipers: approx 7+ years
  • Floral's: approx 3+ years
  • Eucalyptus: approx 10+ years
  • Palms: approx 7+ years
  • Bonsai's: approx 7+ years





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